Autonomous Commercial Agent (industrial sector)

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Autonomous Commercial Agent (industrial sector)

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ALEAK, based in Iurreta (Bizkaia), is an SME dedicated to the production of medium / short series and prototypes through metal stamping, laser cutting and welding technologies.Its current clients are leading companies, mainly T1 and T2 from the automotive sector (vehicle and industrial vehicle), and also from other sectors such as railways, machine tools, and the metal industry in general.We are looking for a person with commercial experience, knowledgeable and introduced to the industry (mainly metal), to collaborate in the expansion of the company in Catalonia.

The selected person will be in charge of prospecting, contacting, capturing RFQs (offer requests), sending and monitoring offers prepared by ALEAK, and in general, maintaining relationships with customers and potential customers.

The projects are generally of a high amount, which can be extended in billing even to 10 years (recurring portfolio).


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