Commercial agents for medical visit

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Commercial agents for medical visit

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OzoneLabs is a dermocosmetic laboratory that manufactures and markets a product with healing and biocide properties. Powerful regenerator of the skin and mucous membranes with biocidal properties
We have solid scientific evidence.
We are looking for multi-portfolio professionals who have dermatologists, gynecologists, surgeons, plastic surgery doctors, nursing, pelvic floor physiotherapy and podiatrists as clients.
We offer exclusivity by zones. High commissions
We are looking for active people, with extensive experience in sales, energetic, positive, with the desire to excel, to grow personally and professionally. Education and support by the company.
Our product is unique for its excellent quality and with little competition in the market and without competition in these sectors. Virgin market.

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Medizinprodukte, Gesundheitswesen:  Laborbedarf, Medizintechnik, Orthopädietechnik, Ärztebedarf

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Verbrauchermarkt, Wholesale


Spain, Germany, Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands