Conveyors for metal chips in press lines, Automotive sector

ID: 34081

Smart conveying solutions for metal stamping scrap distribution working for the main TIER1 and TIER2 automotive OEM companies.

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Cometel is a Basque manufacturer of Smart conveying solutions for metal stamping scrap distribution. Our metal belt conveyors are suitable for the extraction of metal srcap from presses and for transport along the production plant to the material´s collection or processing point.

With more than 35 years in the sector, Cometel is the leader offering turnkey solutions for scrap removing to the main TIER1 and TIER2 automotive OEM companies in Spain.

Cometel has plants in Spain and Mexico and is currently looking for commercial agents in Germany. We think in agents already introduced in the stamping technology for the Automotive sector. Capacity for after sales service will be highly appreciated.

As a last remark, Cometel will take part in the next edition of EUROBLECH fair in Hannover (25-28 october 2022)

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