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On behalf of the Italian company Essenzialed ( we are looking for sales agents in France, Germany, and UK.

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ESSENZIALED® ( - founded in 2011 as the Lighting Division of Bertronic Srl - is a trademark that boasts 30 years of experience in electronics to create light shapes with the most advanced LED technology and with a special focus on design and customization.

The company has already worked in a great variety of contexts and applications including offices, retail, residential, bars and restaurants, hotels & spa, cultural assets and fitting out.

All phases of product creation are managed internally: starting from the lamps design and the electronic / mechanical design of the Led boards to the assembly of the LED boards, the assembly of the lamp and the testing of the finished product.

Flexibility and Customization are the key elements for a Made in Italy tailored product that is particularly attentive to technological innovation, luminous efficiency and the high color rendering.

Thanks to our specialized team, Essenzialed is able to follow the customer step-by-step: from the lighting design project to the supply of custom-made products and installation consultancy, interfacing with architects, designers and system engineers.

If you are interested, please contact: 

Mrs. Silvia Cortinovis,

Sortimente und Produkte

Technik:  Lichttechnik

Wohnambiente:  Hausgerätetech. (weiße W.), Lampen, Leuchten, Installationsartik., Innenausstattung, Wohnaccessoires

Kundenkreise und Zielgruppen

Architekten, Innenarchitekten, Ingenieurbüros, Technische Planer


France, Germany, UK