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Manufacturer of carbon and glass fibre composites for AEROSPACE and DEFENCE industry looking for commercial agents in France

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We an established producer of components and sub-assemblies for Aerospace and Defence from carbon and glass fibre composite materials for both civil and military applications.

Headquartered in India, with plants in India and Israel.

India is a Greenfield venture, Israeli plant was acquired in 2019, and is among the top manufacturers of such products in Israel.

Though our Indian composite facility is a recent entrant to this field, we have a 40 year history in manufacturing excellence.

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We are looking to sell our composite material components and sub-assemblies to France based OEM's and Tier 1 companies, for which we are looking for agents in the region who will work on a commission basis.

The present challenge presents an opportunity for lower cost production, and also for companies such as ours which have multiple manufacturing locations.

French companies also have amongst the world's highest offset obligations to India.

Would you be interested in this opportunity? Look forward to hearing from you.

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